Roux at the Landau was the finest of the fine dining restaurants we enjoyed in London, which was really no surprise to us bearing in mind that father and son Albert and Michel Roux Jr are at the helm!

Note; Roux isn’t a vegan restaurant but you can eat vegetarian (very well!) here.

Located in the West End, opposite All Souls Church (that can be seen from the restaurant through grand arched windows), we dined here before heading to the theatre, which did mean we had to cut our experience tragically short as we got our timings mixed up. And tragic is the correct word given the heavenly service, food presentation, taste and overall feel of being there; this was a dining experience of a high quality.

Don’t make our mistake, allow 2 hours at least for your meal here, it’s not just the food and wine you need time for but the spaces in between, the reflecting, the savouring, the wallowing in sheer enjoyment.

One dish I shall never forget is the artichokes “à la Barigoule” with bulgur and a turmeric emulsion. So light, so pleasing on the eye as well as the tongue, and for the pleasure it gave me I’d say it was superb value, too.

I dream of the day when restaurateurs of the Roux’s calibre focus on vegan dining, I’m certain they’ll have much to offer the plant based style. Until then, I’ll recommend you visit Roux at the Landau, please, if you wish to eat vegetarian. Your evening will be sublime, your expectations met, you fine dining bar forever raised.

Roux at the Landau