From their website – “It’s time we serve our community powerful and responsible foods. Enjoy our 100% Plant-Based Power Food menu at a Copper Branch near you. Feel great about the food you eat. Our mission is simple: serve our community quality, whole foods and offer the world real food as fast-food for a change. We’re getting back to basics; serving healthy and wholesome foods and offering real food energy with the focus of promoting health and vitality, great taste, convenience, and responsibility.

These are power food meals you can trust and feel great about eating. Working his entire life in the fast-food industry and suffering with years of gaining weight and health problems, our founder was fed up with serving foods that have no nutritional value. He wanted to create a menu that stood for quality and health. A menu made of ingredients that he would want to eat and share with his family. And from there, Copper Branch grew.”

Our experience of Copper Branch is that it offers tasty, fairly priced health/comfort food in light, spacious locations around Montreal (and spreading now to the rest of Canada, thankfully).

Ours was a really pleasant eating experience, exactly what we wanted from our first night in a new city. The location was easy to find and near our accommodation, it was open late-ish considering it also serves breakfast through lunch, ordering was quick and as I said, the food was well priced (see the receipt for details) and satisfying.

Copper Branch do healthy fast food and they do it well, we 100% recommend.

Copper Branch –