Completing the trio of fantastic options for the discerning tourist in Dominical – alongside Phat Noodle and Mama Toucan’s – is Cafe Mono Congo.

Cafe Mono Congo – easy to find, and loads of great eating and relaxing options!

We love to sit looking out at the Baru River here, enjoying a coffee, lunch or a larger meal late afternoon. Each part of the day offers different delights, such as listening to the jungle on the opposite bank settling down during our breakfast time, or watching hummingbirds feast on flowers just outside, or enjoying the sun dipping into the Pacific just downriver. Here are a couple of photos that show something of the views.

Looking out from the cafe.
The view downriver towards the Pacific from one of the cafes’ outdoors tables.

As for the food, the vegan options are superb and there’s plenty of choice for meat eaters too. The eating experience here is quite different (and far more satisfying) than many other places we’ve been too which promise vegan food. Other places often try their best but in reality the chefs don’t know what they’re really doing so they just take out the meat from their meals and substitute it with something that doesn’t fit the bill either taste, look or calorie wise. At Cafe Mono Congo though, this isn’t the case.

Here’s a look at a sample of what we’ve enjoyed there. Our choices were vegan with an expansive range of flavor, texture and colour.

A superb burger, worth a couple of photos so you can get a sense of size and content.
This was an excellent patty. I’ve no idea what it was made of but it felt like a mix between black beans, chickpeas and jackfruit, such was the excellent texture. This wasn’t an imitation of meat it was it’s own thing and in our opinion, vastly superior to any other burger we’ve eaten.
Felafal Wrap.
Thick fruit smoothies.
Menu sample showing smoothie options.
Chocolate cake – gluten free and vegan!
Chocolate Papaya Pie and Chocolate Cake, both gluten free and vegan.
Menu sample showing some main dish items.

There’s a beautiful culmination of experience here that shows itself by giving a discerning traveler everything they want and nothing they don’t need. It’s trendy to say these days that taste is subjective, although the more seasoned traveler would hesitate to agree. When you’re on the road there are things you need, often without knowing it, and in our opinion Cafe Mono Congo provides them.

To out the full menu and open times check the Mono Congo website –