La Pepiniere – Borgo S. Frediano, 169-red, 50124 Firenze FI, Italy

La Pepiniere is a 14 minute walk from our recommended B&B in Florence, Velonas Jungle.

La Pepiniere is known for it’s vegan pizza but it could also be known for it’s fine dining style and contemporary feel, in our opinion. Clean walls and a wooden counter greet you as you arrive, there are plant pots suspended overhead in metal frames and fresh pizza being made behind the counter.

The menu has organic, vegan and gluten free choices; I started with the 3 taste platter. There was a mushroom tartare with a corn waffle, it was a loose tartare, falling apart easily, with a fresh, subtle taste. Not your usual mushroom flavour, much more of a spring feel to it, which was appropriate given it was April.

Also on the plate was a nettle Gnocchi with fava beans and a celeriac sauce. Magnificent.

Finally there was a vegan mozarella breaded nibble, deep fried yucca, purple sweet potato fries and onion rings with chimichurri sauce. There was an interesting range of texture through all of this.

Next up was my vegan pizza. I chose the Barchetta Bianca. The crust was stuffed with vegan ricotta and topped with vegan mozarella, sauteed chicory, capers, chili pepper and black olives. I loved it.

The wine list is extensive – all selections are organic – and there are also organic beers from San Gimignano.

I loved my meal here, great service, lovely food, good value and the smell of pizza cooking inhabits the place making it a very welcoming, lip smacking place to be.

If you’re in the mood for great vegan pizza, or some some tasty, fine, vegan food, we recommend La Pepiniere. Contact them via their Facebook if you wish to make a reservation.