Phat Noodle, about 9pm on a Sunday evening in January. Be sure to make a reservation!!

Phat Noodle is about a 5 to 10 minute walk to Cool Vibes Hostel (where we generally stay) and to Dominical beach. It has a fun, friendly, atmosphere and the place has the looks, too (the kitchen is in the shell of a retro bus)!

It’s always buzzing so be sure to make a reservation, especially over the weekends or over Christmas and the high season.

The feel of this place, and it’s sister cafe Mono Congo just across the road, is unique in our experience. You can really feel the world experience of the owners in the ingredients they use and the little touches around the place. It also looks like they’ve more an interest in what’s good rather than what’s traditional, which to us is a rare and most excellent attitude. It’s like they traveled extensively with a discerning and wise eye, collected influences from a wide range of countries and establishments – from 5 star place through flashpacker to backpacker – then skillfully morphed it all into a theory of how a restaurant by the beach should be.

As a result I don’t think it’s outrageous at all to consider Dominical as one of the world centers of cuisine (veggie or meat) right now. In the past 5 years we’ve traveled extensively as sports and food tourists/bloggers through foodie destinations such as Morocco, France, Italy, Sri Lanka, Greece, Spain and of course our home cities of London and Toronto and in our minds it’s clear. Nothing can touch Dominical for a dining experience and the reason for that is Phat Noodle, Mono Congo and the deli/store between them both, Mama Toucan’s.

We advise you check out the Costa Rican craft beer offerings or fine cocktails at Phat Noodle…

The Costa Rican craft beer scene is putting out some excellent brews these days.

…and work your way through a Thai-inspired menu. Enjoy the service, too, the staff work hard to make your visit a memorable one, it’s yet another reason that we really love eating here.

Sampling another fine, local craft beer.

The prices are fair, the quality very high, and there are plenty of options for veggies and meat eaters alike. Do make a visit to Phat Noodle, you’ll love it.

You can check out their menu, and get the number or email you need to use to make a reservation, here –