This is Chinese/American food at its finest, and almost everything on the menu is also offered as a vegan option. The General Tso’s is a masterpiece – little tofu explosions of fiery joy – and all the other dishes were tasty, too. N grew up in the US in the 80s and everything she got on her menus back then was available here, updated and tastier. As with ‘The Flutterby House’, this food is worth travelling a long way for. If you’re staying at the Tucan Hotel in Uvita, however, it’s just a 15 minute walk along the road. Here are some photos of our meal.

The entrance is off the main north-south highway.
Seating is outside, under a tin roof, in a nicely decorated courtyard.
You know how at many restaurants they charge more for the vegan options? Well, not here. And we did ask if vegetarian meant vegan here, and it does.
Fresh juices to start with.
Vegetable rolls for appetizers.
Dumplings were our other appetizer.
Our main dishes. We shared plates.
These tofu General Tso’s were magnificent.
It was a filling, very tasty meal.
This was clean, tasty, great value Chinese/American food.

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